maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010


Okay. I have a kind of a problem.. I so much would like to write in english, though I already started in finnish, but I´m not so sure if my skills can make it. Although, the fact that I don´t have any readers, finnish nor english (YET!!) ...

Well, I´ll just go with the mood of the day, and add some finnish words in if my skills fail me!

So to the nails. When I ordered my first konad stuff from cesars secret, they sent with it this little konad guidebook. You know, the black one where all the polishes and polishes are shown, and all the other stuff that includes in konading. With instructions too. So on the other side of that books cover, I found so pretty mani, which had orange and black in it with some silver stripes and konad flowers made with silverpolish. I did it with different colours, and here are the results:

So for the base, I used China Glaze Purple Panic, which is bright neon and awesome! Actually that´s my first China Glaze! I spent very much time choosing this, because I really don´t have enough money right now (when have we?). The stripes I made using Art Club Midnight Blue, and outlined with silver polish and toothpick. My black, white and silver art polishes are on their way!!

I would have wanted to add those white flowers on every nail, but didn´t have time to do that. So only the thumb and the ringfinger. And the flower is from the plate m57.

Okay. Now I will go and hunt some giveaways!!

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  1. I love those colors! The little flowers are adorable.


  2. Thank you so much Laura :) I'm very very happy of my first reader!!