torstai 25. maaliskuuta 2010

My first reader!!

Yeij!! Yesterday I got my first reader, thaks to Laura :) Today when I noticed it, I felt some kind of a schoolgirl-giggling-bubbling-feeling :D Sounds about right! It gave me hope, maybe I'm not alone with my writings.

But now there has been quite a break on my blogging.. Why? Just because of my laziness :/ And actually, I would really need a new camera. It makes me almost angry everytime I am trying to take some pictures of my manis. It shouldn't be like that! But my hopes are pretty high now that the sun is starting to shine also here in the north! Maybe it will help me.

Hey! Still have some old pics to show! When I get over my negative fiilings towards my camera, I will speed up with my postings. Luckily I started taking photos before staring to blog. Although, didn't have then all the tips and tricks (like I would have them all now?!) when taking the photo. But like on the last post, that actually showed nails, this has the same basecolour:

China Glaze Purple Panic. Soooo gorgeous neon! While starting to paint with this, I totally didn't remember that I had already used it with the previoius mani. No, it doesn't matter, but when there is many new things to be tested, I'd like to test those before taking another round.. Does this sound a bit crazy...? I'm not totally desided that, but on some level maybe.

But here is what I added to CG, just to spice it up a little bit:

Lumene Natural Code (love those little bottles!!) Rock'n Roll. Actually that is the only black that I own.. Not so cool.

Hey, here's a fun fact: The very first nail polish that I wanted and had, was a black polish. And I think it was Mavalas. I think it was my black-season overall. You know, the phase where all you can wear is black. Thank god my mom didn't let me colour my hair then! I was like 10 or 11, and my hair was pretty blond!!

But now I need something to eat!! Bye :)

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