perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2010

Couple of Hauls

Hellou! Something totally off topic for starters:

So I'm trying to get to university next fall, and the book that I'm supposed to read and learn from cover to cover, was published today! There is like month and two weeks to study before the test which takes you to the "next level". To some interviews and stuff. I think this is my last chance, because probably I'll put all my effort to this year, and am too pissed if not getting in. Seriously! But I will get there this year. I truly will!

And to the point. On last week, and again this week, I kind of bought only few polishes. Actually, it is only a few! While waiting to start ordering from the internet (yes I know, why to wait? I'm a bit coward for doing things for the first time. I need my time...) I've kept my hands away from polishes like O.P.I., China Glaze, Orly and so on (I think those are the only known brands you can get from my town..) and only searched polishes that costs under 5 euros. There are some surprises when doing so, some good ones and some... not so good ones. Haven't quite figured yet which I've get the most.

Here is the earlier one

From left to right, Wild and Crazy Neon Yellow and Lemon (?), Golden Rose 119 (gorgeous!!) and cute miss selene 173. All of these from Seppälä.

I already tried the green one, and I didn't like it. I mean the colour is awesome, but it didn't apply very well :/ And how I already hyped the brand earlier. Well, I'm not totally down with it yet. I will give them another chance, not just right away.

But that Golden Rose!!! I'll put that to another post, but have to say: WOW! So simple, so cute.

On to the second haul. These ones are like one from here, another from there... well, see for yourself

From left to right, Revlon 097, Plum Seduction (gotta love the name!), Sinful Colors #302 San Francisco, IsaDora 93, Brisk Yellow, Wet'n wild Deep Rouge, Mavala Tropique and some Eveline cosmetics, Party Colours 470... Some of these are just like "hey, that's a cheap one.." but Mavalas were all on sale, and usually I don't like any of them specifically, but resently I have been starting to love those blues!! Can't wait to get Tropique on my nails.

San Francisco... That one I would have loved, only if it had dried in a decent time!! But no. I think I'll have to give her aswell a second chance as soon as I get some drying topcoat. Here is the only thing I could capture of it

And there is also some kind of a cut. But love the colour..

Quite a long post, but hope somebody is interested! Tomorrow I'm going to have some fun, don't know yet what to wear on my nails!

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  1. I recently received some Golden Rose polishes! They have the most beautiful colors!

    I can't wait to see your swatches!