perjantai 19. maaliskuuta 2010


So this is my first time to participate to some giveaway, and I chose this because it´s just so AWESOME!!! I mean, look at those bottles! There are so many, and they are so cute! I just want to give to each and everyone of them a new home. My polishes needs those new friends!!

And not to mention the other stuff! So huge package of EVERYTHING!! Can´t help myself, I´m almost drooling over these... (poor computer..)

Here is the big picture of the giveaway...

...And by clicking it, you can get to the whole giveawaypage.

There are so many polishes, witch are in my wishlist (which is on my head, haven´t been updating the one that´s on the side..) . OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, all the China Glazes, especially Re-fresh Mint and Atlantis! All the Ciate Paint Pots, so gorgeous bottles!! I don´t have any Nfu-oh polish, so this would be my chance to start collect them. Man! And probably the only way to get that cute as hell collection!

Whoever wins this, it will be like a christmas to her!! Or him... :)

Hope someone sees this..

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