maanantai 5. huhtikuuta 2010

What a Foggy weekend.

So here I am again.. The easter weekend has been - as the title says - the foggiest ever!! When you look out of the window, it's almost impossible to see the trees which are like 50 meters away our house. Not to mention the driving!! It should be forbidden, to drive in that kind of weather. Vision is blocked, and to add to that, our car gets very, very, vapory(?) inside. Yesterday I had to drive window open, just to get some air in to clear the windows! Thank god there weren't much traffic.

Anyway... Got some new polishes last week, haven't yet taken picture, but couple of "first" polishes wanted to come with me. I bought my first H&M polishes, Blue My Mind and (of course) Bella's Choice. I've seen so pretty photos of Bella's Choice, so it had to be taken! And it was the only one in the store.

Another "first" thing was Models Own Lime Light... Went there to find Peacock Green, but they didn't have it so I took that one. More about it later!

But back to the Blue My Mind.

And yep, it totally blew my mind!! Sooooo beautiful! Almost a one coater, I added the second just for fun :)

I really couldn't stop looking at this when it was on. Same reason I just had to put all the photos that I took of it. And the drying! In seconds it was touchable (Maybe stretching the truth a bit...), it sure feels like that in my head now!!

Although it was beautiful on its own, the colour was to my eye that shade, that it just needed some black on it. So with konad plate m57 and special polish black (and lots and lots of time...) I stamped these cute flowers on it

I had to do the stamping like piece by piece, because the pattern just didn't came off of the plate when trying to take all the three flowers. Am I doing something wrong there?! It worked when doing them seperately, but not in threes. Maybe more practise!

And what it is in that picture?!?! Yep, Quick Dry Top Coat by Revlon :) I found it from supermarket, and it was on sale with same brand base coat! I was so happy when I found it, and it has already shown its necessity!! I just wish there had been more these, but I'm afraid this was the only one. I mean, it only cost like 4 euros! And it works!

Jeij, see you soon, I'm off to see Harry Potter :)

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