maanantai 12. huhtikuuta 2010



So today I have read, and am planning to do so again, but needed a little break :) An what would be better break than posting and reading all the posts that have came during the night? Nothing!

I'm bringing something from the near past, some testing with couple of blues I have.

Apparently I don't have the swatch from the polish I started with, but it is Mavala Tropique. Very easy and nice polish that dries super quickly! I think I have 2 coats here, and it is enough. Boring on its own, so I added this half mani with Natural Code Live It Up (which I have to make a comparison with those new ones I had last week, Finger Paints and Savvy) . After that I covered the line with Art Club Midnight Blue.

I think I'm a bit stuck with that design. Did the same with blacks and reds! Not one after another, but they all are in my archive waiting to be post, and I believe it would look stupid if I post them one after the other. Although, why does it matter? They still look completely different. Especially the black one! Loved it!

And back to study!

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