sunnuntai 18. huhtikuuta 2010

Tequila Sunrise

Well hello dears! How is it going? Just a quick post of one of the last weeks mani, which took its inspiration... Tattadadaaa! Title says it already :)

So I was very eager to try China Glaze Solar Power polish, which came from Evil Angel's shop couple of weeks ago. Very pretty shimmery sunshine yellow that would definately look amazing in the sun. I didn't have the opportunity with the sun when I was wearing this but definately will try again in summer! It will shine like a sun!!

I love it!

And just to mention, my nails are starting to be quite a nice lenght. For me! Others might like longer, others shorter, but I think this is good for me. I'm just a bit afraid.. My summerjob is in a cemetery and I do gardening stuff that is needed there!! Oh my dear nails :/

But the sunrise!

It could have been better (a lot!) but I can't remember why I didn't do it right. Well, I'll try it again in summer and make the color changing more smooth. Not so töks. And never mind the stain, the sponge kinda slipped. IMO those colors are very nice together, because of the shimmer overload! The red is Lumene Primrose Path.

And by the way, there in the middle finger you can see the shimmer of the Solar Power!! Gorgeous!

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  1. Oh said you work in a cemetery and you have a sponge-y that looks like blood on the tips. Maybe a 'Twilight' look? ;P