sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

First Franken - Midnight Sun

Well, having the stomach flu couple of days ago, wasn't fun. And on top of that, it caused that I had to skip one long waited evening with my friends!! Although the feeling was then so awful, that it didn't piss me off at the time, not getting to go there. But since I usually have very few evenings planned during the month, I think a lot those evening I have plans. Well not a lot... But, you know...

So this time I had my outfit for the evening planned beforehand, and I just have to show it here:

(Never mind the wrinkles) And a bit closer the lovely shoes:

Love the bow :) So the clothes were ok, but the problem was that I don't have maching nailpolish! So when I went to watch my niece, I packed along with me some nail stuff, including some blue and red colors.

Ok! I had pretty nice morning there, playing with my niece and watching some How I Met Your Mother (Best show ever!!!) -episodes. During that I did some mixing with the colors I had with me, and was kinda pleased of what came up:

This blueish, purpleish colour with red flakies from the Night Party was what I was thinking when looking the possible colors to use. And I topped it with miss selene 173, which is clear base with mostly purple glitter mixed with silver/hologlitters.

And there are the polishes I used in this. H&M Blue My Mind and Lumene Night Party. I didn't mix these in a bottle, but in a little candle holder which is made of glass. Little batch at a time. That's because I don't have any of those bottles that can be used to that, or even half empty never used polishes that might be good for the operation. But it could be done also like that :)

Here is how it went with the dress

Perfect match! But then what happend? My stomach said its own opinion to the matter, and I didn't get to go and show my matching outfit :/ Well, maybe second try two weeks from now!

And as the title says, I decided to name this franken to Midnight Sun, 'cause of those red flakies (that aren't showing in the pictures..) that flashes from the night sky. Speaking of which, hope the book will come!!

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  1. I loooove the color of this top, and the shoes are so adorable!! <3

    I got the mood polishes at a store here called Claires. I'm almost certain that they don't have those shops overseas. Would you maybe care to swap polishes? Email me at and we can talk more details if you're interested. :)