torstai 15. huhtikuuta 2010


Back from the road trip!! Yesterday we drove with my friend to Helsinki and back, because we had to drop her university-getting-in-architectury-pre-work-thing... (?) :D And we also did some shopping there! Great trip :)

But what's whit the title? Well right now, when I'm not in school or anything, almost the only thing that gets me out of the building every day, is coaching. I am a swimming coach, and my swimmers are from the age 11 to the age 16. Boys and girls. And last saturday we had competition!

Of course I had to make some swimming related nails!! :)

Do you know the swimmingsuit manufacturer Speedo?
Photo is from here

They are our sponsor, so the logo is in our t-shirts and accessories. The base color is bright blue, and the text is white. So simply enough, I transferred them to my nails

The outcome is a bit messy, but the point was just to get it roughly. You still get the point!
I used the blue part Depend and I believe it's 41. The text is almost gone. I'm so sad they don't have names to the polishes! Depend is soooo great bränd! Application is awesome, the colorselection is enoughly good, and they don't cost much! Have to get some more.

The Speedo texts I made using some french manicure set white and a thin brush. I still don't have nail art polishes in black and white!! Damn.

But I received a lot complimets with these nails :) That made me very happy!

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  1. This is such a creative mani! Wish I'd thought of something like that way back when I was a swimmer. It's so cool that you coach. My brother has been a lifeguard for forever. :)

  2. Thanks! :) I've done it for like 5 years, and I enjoy it very much! Those kids are so lovely :) And they keep me young!!