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Last two days has been awful! Well the day before yesterday wasn't so, but yesterday yes.. On wednesday, my big brother called me to go over, because he and his daughter had a stomach flu, and someone had to watch the daughter. She is 1,5 years old, and I'm her godmother :) Love the girl! Well the day went there, and on evening I was in a hurry and only stopped by at my own house.

So yesterday, I also had to go and watch my niece, 'cuz her faher had to go to work. Morning went by and I was starting to feel something... Yes of course, I had the stomach flu also!!! Should have known when going there the other day that it will catch. So the whole day I just lay on the couch, and tried to feed and change the girl as best as I could... Awful condition! And it ruined my evening plan. More of that coming some other time.

But to the point:
When I finally came home all weak and tired, guess what there was waiting for me?!!?

Tattadadaaaaa!! A package from the other side of the ocean :) My first overseas purchase!

Evil angel has this blogstore, where she sells all the lovely stuff. Last week I contacted her, and bought 9 beautiful polishes.

Four China Glazes, previously I only had one (1!!!) because they cost so much in here. From left to right: Heart of Africa, Solar Power, Innocence and Lavender Lingo. Can't wait to try these!! Especially now in the spring time, the Solar Power almost screams my name from the drawer!

Then my first Color Clubs: Slow Jam and Groove Thang. The picture isn't very colour accurate. Slow Jam is a bit darker IRL. And Groove Thang is this amazing almost black purple which can't be shown from the picture.

And last three, couple of light blues. BB Couture Electric Avenue, Finger Paints Turquoise Tile and Savvy Totally Teal. Also these sparkling turquoises are the ones that will be on my nails soon!!

So thank you so much Evil Angel for the shop and fast shipping and everything!!! :) Hope you will post more beautiful polishes in your shop soon!

Maybe some swatches coming up, maybe not, but I'm very very happy owner of these new polishes (hmmm.... Do I like to own things more than use things..? Yep! Just check my shoe collection! :) )

See ya next time!

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