keskiviikko 21. huhtikuuta 2010

Models Own - Purple Passion

Still haven't been able to work out the order to models own, but fortunately this store called Seppälä sells those gorgeous polishes. Though I won't buy anymore from there because I want to buy from their own site! It will become cheaper :)

But apparently, when they have that "get 5 polishes, save £7", you won't get that if you use the 30% off coupon! I'm pissed.

But onto the mani. Here is at first only the Purple Passion

It is a bit too bright in the picture, and with a top coat. Without a topcoat, it dried kinda matte, though it was beautiful too. I took some photos before applying the topcoat, but it was night and our lightning is very bad then to took polish pictures!!

But how was the application? Perfect! No more than 2 coats, maybe 1 with steady hand :) Soooo pretty! I'm totally pissed about the fact that I'm not capable for some reason to order anything from Models Own website. But! I will be patient, and try again and again, until it works!! This polish sealed the deal.

Have to say that I've mentioned couple of times about the nail art polishes black and white which I ordered from different place than the other colours. Well that didn't work out! BUT, I was absolutely happy when I found this from a supermarket

Jeij!! The brand is apparently Kiss and they work just fine! And look what came with the package

Evil Angel from Black nail polish and lip gloss showed similar to these nail art decal stencils.

Check it out.

You just stick the decal onto your nail, and apply the polish you want the pattern to show with. Very easy, although my stickers are a bit thin, so they might rip easily. Have to be careful!

Ofcourse I immediately had to try these, and just without any planning, it turned to be like this

(oh my god how hidious my cuticles are...)

First I only did my thumb to see te results, and I liked it. Later the same night, after a glass of redwine, I did the rest of the hand

I didn't have my polishremover with me, so when the decal was too stained to do more those, I changed to another one and did with that the pinky and the index. Cross tips with the new silver nail art polish, and ring and middle needed some lines with the new black nail art polish!
Love the design :)

I believe those polishes and decals will be in lots of use! I'm already thinking what to wear the next weekend!!

See you soon!

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  1. Ihanat kynnet! :)
    Ja loistava blogi, oon käyny täällä jo useempaan kertaan kurkkimassa ja nyt uskalsin ruveta virallisesti lukijaksikin.
    Aloittelen myös omaa kynsiblogia, jos vaikka tänään uskaltaisi ensimmäisen kirjotuksen julkaista.. :)

  2. Kiitos! :)

    Ei muuta kuin mukaan vaan!! Itsekin melko newbie olen :)

  3. I would love to get my hands on some models own. Your nails are just gorgeous!! Love the decals just beautiful!!! :) I will add you to my blog roll :)

  4. neat to get the stencils too. I like the artwork. :)