maanantai 19. huhtikuuta 2010

Some old and dark

Hey! Now that there is few posts between these, I can post another half-and-half mani :D

I think it was a sunny day when I made this.. I started with this gorgeous dark grey holo from Golden Rose. Color 119. Very beautiful and easy to apply!

And to spice it up, here is what I came up with

Depend black polish which includes pink and green shimmer! The polish number has disappeared from the bottle!! Apparently that happens all of them :/

And here you can see how gorgeous the holo-effect actually is

Loved the design, but when there was no sun occasionally, it was a bit too dark. But again, maybe later when the sun is more likely shining!

And now I need some help!!

I tried to order some nailpolishes from models own, and use my 30% off coupon. But when I have all of the polishes in font of me, and start to click on them and add to my cart, at some point it just throws me to their front page, and my cart is empty. And that happened many times, after I've chosen like 8 polishes. Totally frustrating!!

Have any of you had the same problem? How could I fix this? And is the models own page slow to you too? Because for me it is. I would appreciate any help here, because those colors are so gorgeous!

If you can help me, thank you so much!!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Moi, tein juuri testitilauksen ja pääsin maksuun saakka ilman mitään ongelmia. Hidas tuo sivusto kyllä on! Jos sivuilta löytyy joku sopiva s-postiosoite, niin laita suoraan sinne palautetta.

  2. ok, kiitti :) Jos tänään vaikka onnistuis!