tiistai 6. huhtikuuta 2010

Moody nails

The fog here has been transformed to rain. Absolutely depressing!! I want to see sun! I want to feel the dry asphalt (that is totally my first sign of spring/summer)! Want to lose some clothes!! And the warm wind! Oh.. Not that biting wind that throws also water on your face. COME ON SUMMER!!!

So here is the base I wore couple of days, and it is kinda summery. Not too bright, but cute what so ever.

Models Own Lime Light

And to the "fun" part: This is seven or eight layers!!! 7 or 8!! And still you can see the nail line. Maybe not in the picture but IRL. Man! If I hadn't had all the time I had when I put this on, I would have freaked out. Luckily all the layers dried very quickly, so the building was fast, but still. Unbeleviable. Is this general to Models Own polishes, or is it just the sheer ones? Despite the layering, I liked the polish a lot. Maybe more from this brand...

But today, when the weather totally brought me down, I fixed my nails to reflect that feeling. Really I don't like the outcome, but it was so suitable to what I see from my window, that I think I'll leave it that way for now. Though tonight I will take it off! Tomorrows nails are already planned :)

But here's the moody nails.

Over the Lime Light I put Golden Rose 107, the one from my previous haul (not posted it yet...). Two layers, and now looking at it here, it sure is soooo depressing. I should take it off. Definately on a sunny day, when the Golden Rose holo can make its magic, this would be different kind of story, but not now. Ok, I'll think I'll stop now!!

p.s. I'm supposed to be reading to my university-getting-in-test... Been making lot of excuses not to :/

2 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, the Golden Rose holo layered over the Models Own polish looks amazing!

  2. oh, thanks!! As there can see, I didn't like it when I put it, but with better lightning it did look nice :)